(I don't mean to brag, but this is the page where I reveal everything..)

This is the most important personal letter you'll read - make sure that you read every word because this can transform your life as it has for my family, my close friends, and several others.

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You'll discover how anyone can do this, even with ZERO prior experience.  And I promise - you do NOT need luck nor motivation..
From the desk of Jamie Lewis
Location: New York City, USA

Dear Friend,

Yes, this is new and unlike anything else you've seen.
In the beginning, things didn't always look so rosy for me.
Now ... I never had a college education. I barely got through high school.
You see. Back in 2000, I worked an extremely low-wage telephone rep job. I was living in New York City due to hopes of an idealistic music career, struggling in the grind. And guess what?
By the end of the year, I was forced to move into one of the lowest end parts of the metropolitan ... just to afford the rent. One reason being my job was lost during 2001.
Had my parents not given me some money to live, I may have even starved since I didn't want to move back with them. Now, that was sad and then, I was 30-years old.
I always hated working for a boss. Alarm clocks. Long traffic. Ugh. Even if I got another job, it would not make a difference. I knew I'd have to endure life in debt and constant worry just to get by - especially without a college education or experience. All eight of my personal credit cards were maxed out.
Some folks say ... J.O.B. = Just Over Broke. For me ... J.O.B. = Just On-going Broke.
I didn't know what I'd do next. All I knew was ... working another dead end job was NOT the answer.
My dream was to achieve some sort of financial freedom - so I could focus on my passion: music.
Yet financial freedom seemed just so far away for an ordinary joe like me ... the "rat race society" was killing me emotionally and physically.
You know what I mean, right?
It wasn't until I found the internet ... that things really got UGLY for my financial situation.
A bit after, I found a program off a magazine ad that looked quite interesting. It showed me one of the most amazing business models I'd ever read about.
The concept was known as "affiliate marketing" - where you simply promote other people's products and take a cut. Zero headaches, it seemed. I thought it was a bit too good to be true at first. Then, I did what the program said and discovered that this would be the NEXT big thing online.
I had discovered a jackpot.
Or so I thought ....
It was over the next year or two, I tried several things, every possible way to generate money online.
My first year online - I had lost almost $37,500 into further DEBT.
My confidence and self-esteem was at an all-time low. I didn't even want to get out of bed. Ugh. You know the feeling right?
The reality is that I was trying every strategy the "big internet gurus" were teaching me. NOTHING came even close to working. Let's not even speak about attaining financial freedom. I wasn't even making a cent!
About 6 months in, I attended a high-end 'guru' seminar. Threw my last $3,000 at this seminar (more like my last $3k on a $5k credit card's limit). I was about to give up and even considered filing personal bankruptcy if it didn't work out as promised. I was miserable inside because I knew I was suckered into something again.
So I got to the wealth seminar. Some people were nice. Some were snobby as you can imagine.
This was back when the "guru" crowd was still a bit small and cozy.  The seminar did not deliver as promised. My blood was boiling - I was panicked for my own future. Was this it?
Fortunately, I was lucky to have met one man there who was speaking. He altered the course of my personal history.
Without revealing his name, here was a gentlemen in his early 50's. Very humble guy. I got the hint that he was a millionaire and probably worked less than 5 hours a week.
I thought this was just another guru - until he spoke about his past.
He reflected: "Nothing worked for me. I'd always wake up and ask myself why I was doing this - why didn't I just go back to my old job."
I was intrigued - since his path sounded strikingly a lot like mine. I only got his business card because people mobbed him.
Days later, I called his phone... and begged and BEGGED his assistant for a brief 5 minutes of his time. Once I finally reached him, I just flat out told him about how my situation is just like his past. He could probably sense my desperation. I wanted to know how he found the real gem that worked.
I was expecting him to just blow me off right on the spot.
Surprisingly, he actually liked me. Maybe he pitied me but saw my sincerity. I must have lucked out.
For the next few weeks, he kind of became my personal mentor - a real one who did not play any games. He treated me like dirt. I felt like I was doing homework for him at first. He took me under his personal wing and surprisingly didn't really teach me any theory or impractical things. He simply directed me to DO THIS and DO THAT. Then learn from it after the fact.
I didn't get why. But without hesitation, I followed suit.

My results are exceptional and should not be considered "typical." 

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I cried out of joy. This was the real deal. This man cared that much for me.
There really wasn't any margin for error since I wasn't learning a new theory or strategy. There were no mistakes that I could even make. I was simply copying a system that was proven successful..
Suddenly, I had realized the fatal mistake that blocked me before.
Previously, I was trying to "learn" all this stuff. And learning is prone to error, especially if you are inexperienced. Copying success is much easier than learning how to achieve success ... why make life any more complicated?
... and here's my advice to you as well:
LESSON: Tasting success firsthand will "wire" your mind to expect more success. On the flip side, failures will "wire" your self-esteem to expect more failure.
We parted ways. He left me with these words: "Jamie, please make sure to give back to others what I have given you.. But select those you help wisely."
I never understood that second part until years later, when I got some of these results shown below - it's real proof.

My results are exceptional and should not be considered "typical." 
Average user results are unknown.

"Within the first 4 minutes of copying these campaigns, I knew this was going to work and be profitable for me"

Within just minutes of copying and pasting your campaigns in for starters, within the first 4 minutes, I knew this was going to work and be profitable for me.

Before this, the only thing I've ever tried online was trying to make some money off of Craigslist. That worked a little but really did not bring me the money I was really looking for.

I've experimented with lots of programs and this is the only one that seems to work immediately. I want to thank you guys for continually updating this as well. It's that important.

- Joshua C.

This testimonial is by an expert who received a promotional copy of our system.

See... I took my old mentor's advice. I started showing only very select friends at first.
Again, the same problem revealed itself. Whenever I tried to "teach" them how to do it themselves, they would mess up and get extremely discouraged. One of my friends Jake failed so miserably that he literally gave up on the spot.
I then started creating a way to show my friends' "snapshots" of exactly how I was doing something very successfully - this way they can copy me exactly to the "T" without a chance of error. This way, things had to work for them - because they were working for me.
I ended up creating a snap shot of my own online campaigns (basically placing ads on search engines or websites and getting paid per commission, advertising other people's products) for my friends.
We then saw proof right away that people were able to succeed just by copying my own successful strategies. This was working for an incredible underground community and I thought I was dreaming. I simply could not let people down.

If you've ever felt the struggle of bills or hate having to worry about money - and who hasn't unless you're born rich? - then I KNOW you'll love this system right away.

Months later, I was growing my own campaigns and other money-making methods so fast on auto-pilot, that I finally got into investing and a whole new world that ONLY millionaires get a glimpse at. I've decided for the first time that I'm going to reveal to some more select people my entire blueprint for now making over $1 million per year working from home. This includes not just my campaigns one can copy, but also every killer system I have in place that clocks in residual income.
Again, you don't need any computer or money-making experience at all - my system does it all for you. As a matter of fact, it may be better if you had no experience at all, because you're starting with a clean "mental" slate.
So seriously ... why am I even doing this for you?
Well, there is a very good reason. You see. Possibly as soon as October 2010 ... I plan to write a book. Not a book over the internet. This will be a book that will possibly show up in airport stores. I have a great publisher.
And for this.... I need a TON of success stories. This is good for PR.
Truthfully, I need many real, authentic success stories. I want an exclusive community that proves my blueprints work over and over.
You see. I've always had big dreams ... I've always wanted to change and impact the world. That early mentor's words about giving back never hit me until I started becoming a mentor to one of my protégés, Lance.
See ... Lance was a lot like me, but in a different way. He had his share of failures left and right. That was before I showed him my exact blueprints ... my exact processes and funnels for making well into the six-figures per month.
But guess what?
He copied my exact blueprints and here is where he is at today: (screen of only ONE of Lance's accounts)


Copy this right now
My results are exceptional and should not be considered "typical." 
Average user results are unknown.
And Lance has 6 or 7 of these accounts running on near complete auto-pilot - after he copied my campaigns! 
There's also a second and very personal reason of why I'm doing this for select people.
My own mentor - the man who single-handedly changed my fate - said these words to me ...
"Achievement is the easy one. Fulfillment is hard."
Again, I may not be the brightest guy and it took me a bit to get what he meant.
Here's what he meant .... people who achieve a good deal of success and end up not having to worry about anything - end up getting bored.
This is a real eye-opener. Although one may have all the money and luxuries on the outside, they feel a lack of purpose on the inside. This is what he meant by "lack of fulfillment". This is why rich people have their own charities. They need that to be fulfilled in giving back to others.

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And to me, to get fulfilled, I want to give back. I love seeing people succeed. I want lives to be touched positively by me and I can say to my kids "hey, I've transformed another person's life for the better" ;)
Copy my system (it's super easy to do) and only afterward, please write me and give me a letter of appreciation. It will mean a lot to me ok?
"Armed for instant revenue ... worth at least $1,000 in value"

I was thinking - are you guys crazy?? I mean -giving away these latest campaigns of yours that's updated and armed for instant revenue .... After looking into them, I am astonished at these secret little profit niches you have discovered and copying that is worth at least $1,000 in value that one can apply immediately.

Being a professional super affiliate has given me a great lifestyle but I think this really is the next level. Also the videos revealing how to make millions online is just unheard of - no one does it in such an easy-to-understand way. I have to be honest - despite my initial shock, I really think this can take someone from a total computer newbie to being able to generate real money real quickly ... and also take a pro to the next level. Seriously, thank you."

- Melford Bibens, CPT

Creator of Diabetes Control Made Easy

 Sarasota, FL USA

 This testimonial is by an expert who received a promotional copy of our system.

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Good question there and I'll tell you my take on this ...
See there are 3 reasons ...
1. On the internet, there are sooo many new people coming online that the revenue just does not stop coming even if a hundred people are operating within the same niche! See- this is not a zero-sum game, as conventional wisdom wants you to feel. If the pie grows, everyone can profit.
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Get this ... they are pitching programs on all these "alternative methods" or weird ways of making money that don't work and will NEVER work How do I know this? Because I meticulously test every new method that comes out. 99.8% fail my "dummy test" - basically if a dummy can make income from it or not.
NOTE: When I say dummy, I mean someone who is actively sabotaging themselves to fail (and who would do that to themselves?). Even if such a person existed, they would still succeed with my system, shocking right?
While these gurus are pitching every exotic thing - I know as a fact... that much of it is merely theory and would fail my "dummy test".
I don't follow trends. Anyone who claims their method is the only thing that's working at the moment is most likely wrong. They are running an income generator that is unsustainable. Meaning not truly auto-pilot. On the other hand, I've designed my system to be truly auto-pilot and time-tested so that anyone using it can work from home.
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"This is so easy that I would have used it when I first started and knew nothing about computers."

I'm currently the owner of a jewelry e-commerce business on the internet. Now, I have seen and reviewed your programs before. Let me say - I honestly feel that not only are they the real deal. They are also able to dramatically change someone's life.

Believe it or not, these campaigns are so easy to copy that I would have used it when I first started and knew nothing about computers.

I will be recommending this to a nephew of mine who is 16 years old. I'm excited to see how much he will make after he copies these campaigns.

I highly, highly recommend this to anyone who desires or is struggling to make a full-time income working from home.

- D.B., CEO of DreamlandJewelry.com

 Los Angeles, CA USA

This testimonial is by an expert who received a promotional copy of our system.

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